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Nervous Patients + Happy Gas

How can Goondiwindi Family Dental relieve your dental anxiety? Step 1: Come in and meet your gentle dentist, Dr Olivia, and discuss what we can do for you. We will identify any particular areas you are anxious about so we can focus on minimising this and ensure a positive experience. Minimal treatment will be done in the first appointment so we can plan and set expectations. At Goondiwindi Family Dental you have the option to have treatment done with the aid of happy gas or a general anaesthetic at the Goondiwindi Hospital. Each individual is assessed for their suitability and a full medical history is required. Happy gas is a great option for both adults and children.
    Step 2: Attend the appointments as planned with or without the aid of happy gas. This gas is breathed in through your nose and makes you feel more relaxed, warm and tingly. It takes only five minutes to wear off and you will be ok to drive or go back to work afterwards. We encourage you to bring a friend or music to help you through out the appointment.  
    Step 3: Follow up treatment with regular check ups (with happy gas if you choose) to maintain good oral health and monitor your teeth. Going through these steps can be a massive achievement and with our supportive staff we hope we can leave you feeling confident about the dentist and unable to stop smiling!   To start step one call or book online for a consultation appointment.

Your Experience

She is super impressive! She has the friendliest demeanour and explains everything so clearly. She is incredibly accommodating! 03/04/2017

Dr Olivia is great. Explained everything very well. Was very caring and remembered me from my last visit. Which is what I appreciate the most. 16/03/2017

Great with small kids. Put them at ease. Very friendly. 14/02/2017

Dr Olivia was really lovely and considerate. She explained each procedure clearly and was very helpful. 11/11/2016

An excellent clinician with a professional and friendly approach to her work. 08/09/2016

A friendly, professional clinician – put me at ease and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 05/03/2016

Olivia was a great dentist and extremely gentle. 24/12/2015

Professional, friendly, approachable and informative. 29/08/2015

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