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Dr Olivia only uses modern white fillings for all of her work. Contouring and polishing the fillings means that the new filling will look and feel just like your natural tooth. One type of treatment is not always the only option, so your dentist will discuss this with you on the day. We make the effort to accommodate people with busy lives and those who travel from surrounding areas to provide a high quality of work at a convenient time. To ensure this we work later on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 6pm. Also, our online booking system is a quick and easy way to make dental appointments out of hours or if you are unable to call our reception.


Commonly referred to as a “cap”, crowns are a cover that goes over and around the tooth to protect and strengthen it. The crown is often made of porcelain and with advances in technology, this is getting stronger and thinner. And because porcelain tends to reflect light the same way your teeth do, it offers the most natural appearance. We work closely with local, experienced technicians in Toowoomba to create a custom made crown to match your ideal tooth colour and shape.


Veneers are a porcelain facing that is commonly placed on the front surface of the top teeth. Photo records and professional planning are essential to a good result. We always spend time with you to understand your situation and discuss how we can make your teeth a smile you love.

Your Experience

She is super impressive! She has the friendliest demeanour and explains everything so clearly. She is incredibly accommodating! 03/04/2017

Dr Olivia is great. Explained everything very well. Was very caring and remembered me from my last visit. Which is what I appreciate the most. 16/03/2017

Great with small kids. Put them at ease. Very friendly. 14/02/2017

Dr Olivia was really lovely and considerate. She explained each procedure clearly and was very helpful. 11/11/2016

An excellent clinician with a professional and friendly approach to her work. 08/09/2016

A friendly, professional clinician – put me at ease and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 05/03/2016

Olivia was a great dentist and extremely gentle. 24/12/2015

Professional, friendly, approachable and informative. 29/08/2015

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